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Commercial Drive is one of Vancouver’s most culturally rich and authentic neighbourhoods. Also known as The Drive – is one of the most recognizable neighbourhoods in Vancouver. The Drive boasts Vancouver’s 8 blocks that’s designated “Little Italy”, representing 60+ years of Italian heritage in Vancouver. Day or evening, The Drive offers 22 full blocks of 300+ distinct merchants,  restaurants, parks, and a vibrant live music and bar scene. Commercial Drive is a one of a kind experience.

EastVan Dental on Commerical Drive

Our Dentists and dental professionals love treating dental patients here. When you have such a vibrant community, you also have people from all walks of life. From hipsters, environmentalist, coffee-lovers, and more – it’s never a dull moment working in “Little Italy”.

Lunch Breaks

Our Dental Office on Commercial Drive runs through the center of the neighbourhood, which means we are lucky to enjoy all the amenities “Little Italy” has to offer. We find ourselves with a coffee in hand at lunch just strolling up and down Commercial Drive chatting it up with the locals.

There’s something refreshing chatting with strangers.

Vancouver without the hustle and bustle

Dental patients on Commercial Drive seem to enjoy the little moments more. Nothing is rushed, everything is done with patience and care. That’s how our dentists like it – never rushing our work. Taking every moment to make sure our patients feel at ease while having the utmost care.

Being a Patient at East Van Dental

If the environment described above is something you look for in a dentist, please join our dental family. We never turn away a patient in need. Plus, we’re always running some sort of dental promotion. Give us a call or just simply drop-in. We’re a very casual dental office.